Our Values

As our team is growing, we have been making an effort to pin down our values. We did an internal branding workshop as a team to really define what’s important to us. We talked about goals we had for our customer experience as well as our personal and professional goals. It was a great team experience to sit down and reflect on ourselves and our brand. Below are the values that we commit to every day.

As a startup or young company, how did your team put together their values? We’d love to hear about the process!


1. Commit to Compassion

You’re a person, not a number. Every interaction is intentional and genuine, with kindness at the core of all.

2. Demand Excellence

Excellence is critical when it comes to providing the best in class service. With every step molded by excellence, we represent you and make sure you only get the best.

3. Collaborate Candidly

Always collaborating, everyone contributes and takes personal responsibility for the roles we play to help each other. We communicate clearly and frequently – making sure to always keep it simple.

4. Foster Intellect

We foster an insatiable appetite for knowledge and fuse it with our 30+ years of collective experience, to be your source of knowledge – from navigating complex regulatory changes to what the latest is in the industry. Always eager to learn, we aim to not only learn ourselves, but elevate others to do the same.


Meet NextAssure

The Next Level of Insurance

NextAssure is an independent, client-focused insurance agency. We are the creative consultants and affable advisors as you pursue your most daring dreams. Committed to your long-term success, we listen and understand your goals, analyze existing coverage, and carefully craft protection plans.

Insurance is complicated—let’s make it simple. We absorb and assess your needs to deliver comprehensive packages, you can focus on minimizing your risk – whether for your children or your business.

An Insurance Blog?

Here at NextAssure, our values inform a lot of our projects. Keeping in line with two of our core values, Foster Intelligence & Communicate Candidly, we decided to start a blog. This keeps us committed to staying on top of changing regulations and industry trends. It also allows us to communicate candidly and transparently with our clients. We want to collaborate with industry leaders and learn more about how we can better serve our clients.

In the coming weeks, we’ll elaborate on our values, our team, and dive right into the issues that matter to our clients.

If you have an insurance question or would like a free quote/consultation please don’t hesitate to leave a comment!